Training Activities (U2R)

As a companion to the U01 research project led by icddr,b, the U2R training grant will be led by University of Chicago, USA in collaboration with ICDDR, B, BSM Medical University, Bangladesh as well as selected US and local partner academic institutions to augment complementary training expertise relevant to environmental and occupational health. The goal is to enhance capacity for the in-country institutions and researchers to tackle some of the most pressing environmental and occupational health issues affecting Bangladesh, including air pollution, climate change and garment industry health. The training activities will also support the translation of the research into strategies that will mitigate the health effects associated with air pollution and other environmental and occupational health related issues of Bangladesh and also to global health. The U2R training program plans to train a year-long and 3-month training in every year at University of Chicago through a combination of targeted course works on substantive and methodological topics as well as in-depth hands-on laboratory/research rotations exposing the trainees on modern laboratory, analytic and clinical underpinnings involved in environmental health research. In addition to US-based specialized training, structured shorter-term in-country mini-courses (2 weeks) and workshops (1-2 days) will be offered every year on various components of environmental health research including study design and sampling, exposure assessment methods, outcome assessment and data analysis for evaluating health effects of air pollution, climate change and garment health work.

Training Update:

  • Long term training at University of Chicago: three trainees are undergoing long term post doctoral training
  • Short term training at University of Chicago: three trainees have completed short term training
  • Short course on Environmental health Research in Bangladesh: A residential training was arranged for 27 young researchers from 10 partner institutes of Bangladesh
  • Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and Environment workshop in Bangladesh: BSM Medical University arranged a workshop on CVD and environment where 75 participants (scientists, academicians and trainee students) from different GEOHealth partner institutes attended.